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Our Imports

In addition to our large selection of model home furnishings, we are pleased to introduce our imported items to help change your home from nice to extraordinary!

Our pieces are carefully selected from our sources in both North Africa and Turkey.

We offer for sale beautifully crafted lamps handmade in Turkey. Each mosaic part of the lamp/lantern is hand made using beautiful designs and colors. They are then mounted on sturdy bronze fittings, guaranteeing a lifetime of beauty. Whether illuminated by candle or by electric bulb, these light fixtures add a stunning glow of elegance to any room.

Classic Interior Consignments also has available for sale beautiful hand made, hand painted glazed ceramic dishware, which is imported from North Africa. Employing the same techniques artisans have used to handcraft their pieces as their ancestors did over 2,000 years ago, the ceramics leave an impression to any table. No stencils or decals are used in the process and each pieces is painted freehand.

Reasonably priced, our ceramics can be purchased as a monochromatic set or mixed and matched to reflect your personal flair.

Bold and exciting, Mosaics became fashionable in the upper class homes in the rural and town areas as the Roman Empire expanded into North Africa. This art continued to flourish throughout the ages—just as it continues today. Mosaics have a myriad of applications: wall murals/art (as in our showroom); flooring: accent tiles in the kitchen or bath; borders: in pools: tabletops—indoor and outdoor. These stunning pieces can be created to reflect a personal design or emulate an antique mosaic. Peruse through our catalog to get an idea or bring in photos to get a quote.

All of our mosaics are hand made in Tunisia using indigenous marbles, and other imported marbles, as needed. As they are hand made, no two pieces are alike.

Our beautifully crafted Oriental Rugs are reminiscent of the same carpets found in old palaces or homes throughout the world. Called the aristocrat of rugs, these Oriental Rugs are truly pieces of art guaranteed to transform any interior space into extraordinary. Each piece is hand loomed and made of a combination of these fine materials: wool, pure silk and cotton. These stunning pieces are heirlooms in the making: imagine your children playing on them or entertaining your friends and family on them and then one day seeing your grandchildren playing on them. Imagine the memories….

We offer a multitude of carpets from classic designs to modern designs to antiques of different sizes.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t let the idea “it’s imported therefore it must be expensive”. We have carefully chosen these pieces of art in such a way so that there is something affordable for everyone.