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Even the word evokes good feelings.  It’s the place where we live, it’s a place where love dwells, children are raised, and memories are created.

In most people's lives, purchasing a home is the most significant investment of a lifetime--an investment people want to take care of. The best way is through furnishing and decorating your home.  Furnishing a home reflects who you are.

At one time or another we have visited  furniture stores or been through a beautifully decorated model home and thought how much we would love to have that certain look in our own homes. 

Now there is Classic Interior Consignments, the latest of its kind in the greater Washington, DC area.

Created by women who understand that a home is where the heart is; who understand that watching the finances IS a priority; who may want to redesign their homes but are cautious due to the financial obligations of running a home and family….yet want to create a dream home.

Whether you are looking to refresh a room or redo the entire home, we can offer you beautiful furnishings for your home.

Classic Interior Consignments offers you the ideal solution:  a beautiful home at a fraction of the cost!